You probably wear a special outfit for Christmas day. You might even do your hair up special. If you do, then you should also think about doing your nails. Why? Well, nails are the perfect blank canvas for your winter and Christmas inspiration. You can do your own nail art at home with a few simple tools. Nails can be changed whenever you want, too. Select several different designs to wear all throughout the winter and Christmas season. Here, we will give you some ideas.

Popular Ideas

There are lots of ideas for winter and Christmas themed nails. Here are just a few designs that we love:

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  • Santa designs;
  • Reindeer;
  • Glitter all over or on one or two selected nails;
  • Foil wraps, especially in green and/or red;
  • Snowmen designs;
  • Snowflake designs;
  • Candy cane stripes;
  • Gingerbread men designs;
  • Little Christmas trees painted right on the nail;
  • Paint your nails like Christmas ornaments;
  • Make your nails look like well-wrapped presents;
  • Paint stars on your nails;
  • Put silver bells on your nails;
  • Pain wreathes or poinsettias on your nails;
  • Mix and match any of the designs mentioned above.

The Most Special Designs

When should you bust out the most special designs for the winter and Christmas season? We recommend wearing them on holidays like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve. Change up your nails for each one of these holidays. Think about customizing them just for whatever big event you have going on that day. Or select one design that you love and wear that one all throughout the season. Think about wearing the most cheery, sparkly, brightest designs on each one of these days. Match them to your outfit, if possible. Guests and friends will take note.

Where and When did it All Start?

Really, it is unclear when and where winter and Christmas nail art designs started. But our bet is that it has been around for quite some time. For as long as women have been going to nail salons to get their nails done, most likely. In the last decade or so, doing your own nail art at home to save money and customize your own designs has also become popular. Things like nail stickers, nail art kits, and special types of nail polish have now made it simpler than ever to get the perfect nails on your own.

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