A Brief Review of the Style and the Man, Erik Johansson

In the world of professional photography, the primary emphasis is on capturing something truly spectacular that defies not only the moment from which it was taken, but speaks towards a larger and more pronounced feeling inherent in the general public. These truly spectacular pictures can be related to regardless of where they were taken or what was being photographed.

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Erik Johansson, at already a very young age of only 28, has begun a career where these goals are central to his success. By taking stunning photographs, and then adding subtle additions, he takes basic ideas and transforms them into spectacular photographs. These photographs often combine elements of reality with elements of the imagination. As a result, Erik Johansson is going in a direction few photographers go, focusing more on the imaginary and the techniques that blur real and fake. In terms of photography and his success, Erik Johansson can be seen as revolutionary.

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The Style of Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson focuses on a style of photography that departs from the class as it moves towards the imaginary and surreal. By combining actual images and super imposing a sense of the impossible, Erik Johansson unites both the best aspects of creativity with those inherent in creativity. Though the union is not always successful from a visual perspective, it is striking, captivating, and impressive.

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What Erik Johansson Seeks to Express Through Photography

As commented on directly by Erik Johansson on his own website, Erik Johansson seeks to express a create what he can imagine. By combining what can be imagined with what exists, Erik Johansson makes the imaginary a reality. This is done not only through photography skills, but also through experience and practice with touching pictures up in various photo editing software.

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Notable Photographs

Having helped reshape through digital touch up much of what we take for granted in traditional photography, Erik Johansson has created a number of notable works. Some of the best selling prints include “Let’s leave,” “The Cover Up,” “Drifting Away,” Vertical Turn,” “Cut and Fold,” and Painting real.”

Awards and Acclaims

Erik Johansson has received a number of honorary mentions, as well as awards including the Framed Show Award for best Fine Art Photographer. In addition, Erik Johansson has been asked to speak at a number of notable conferences, including a TED talk.

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Here is a playlist of Erik Johansson’s YouTube videos, including behind the scenes and Illusions:


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