Gorgeous dresses. If they only could be real. Surfing the net and a few pictures caught my attention.

Atton Conrad O’murchadha, with a brilliant imagination and ability to create these Light Graffiti Fashion pictures. A London born and based art photographer. He light painted dresses on to models in the Future Light’ story in 125 Magazine and where his light techniques development begun. Visit his website for more pictures and imagination.

“Atton Conrad O’murchadha: It started with light trails, but grew far beyond that, as i developed my methodology and custom designed ‘light brushes’ i realized that the techniques could give me incredibly fine control over light and texture, to an unique almost hyper-real result. I have always been known for my classic lighting, and still take great pleasure in it, but this took it a completely fresh direction.”

He loves technology and has used Photoshop for over a decade now. He works on commercial team projects, and likes to use all kind of lighting.

Find out more about him here.

Here you have just a few samples:

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