Sears Tower, one of the world’s first skyscraper, the tallest building in Chicago and among the world’s tallest buildings. The building has a height of 441 meters, with two television antennas, overall height reaching 520 m. There are 104 fast elevators in the building. It has 110 floors and a total weight exceeding 222,550 tonnes. There were used 3219 km of electrical cables to make the elevator reaching a speed of 488 meters per minute. Annually, about 1.5 million tourists visited Sears Tower.

The American skyscraper was the tallest building at the time when it was built, the year 1974, and was higher then the New York twin tower World Trade Center by only 25 meters (83 ft.)

It was originally named Sears Tower, however in 2009 the name was officially changed into Willis Tower.

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Tourists are transported, in a minute time, by two elevators up to 103rd floor, where they can admire the high, beautiful view of Chicago. The balcony is suspended at a height of 412 meters and the walls, floor and ceiling give the impression that tourists are transparent in a floating city. The floor can support up to five tonnes, even if it has only 3.8 inches thickness.

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