Despite being a place where you would not expect the electric car to be a success, Norway is in fact one of the leading countries when it comes to electric car usage, and one model in particular, the Tesla S, can boast impressive sales figures. Sales figures that have actually outshone the sales of the next two most popular car models, the Nissan Leaf, and the Volkswagen Golf, combined.

Being a top seller is nothing new to the Tesla Model S, as it has been top of the car sales charts previously, however, to take on and beat the combined sales of both the Volkswagen Golf and the Nissan Leaf is something special. Especially as the Nissan Leaf is another electric vehicle, one that receives the same tax breaks offered by the Norwegian government for these types of vehicles.

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Special Conditions for Electric Vehicles

Despite being a country that has good oil reserves, Norway’s love of the electric car can be attributed to the generous incentives that the Norwegian government has put in place for these vehicles.

One such concession is the fact that no matter what the cost of the vehicle, all electric vehicles are exempt from VAT, as well as other somewhat expensive Norwegian taxes. In addition to which, these vehicles also benefit from being exempt to parking fees in public parking bays, toll payments in urban areas, and their owners are allowed to use traffic lanes usually reserved for buses. However, the continued success of the sales of these types of vehicles will depend largely on the Norwegian government keeping these incentives in place. At the time of writing, a binding agreement between the countries most popular political party’s means that these incentives are guaranteed to remain in place until the year 2017 or until 50,000 vehicles are sold.

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March Sales Figures

With the sales figures for March 2014 having just been released, and these figures placing the Tesla at the top of all new car sales so far this year, the question everyone is asking is whether these sales figures can continue? The impressive March sales figures are likely to be down to pre-orders finally being fulfilled, however, with a 30% lead over its closest rivals, the Tesla’s sales figures are going to take some catching. It remains to be seen whether the sales figures will hold up for the remainder of 2014, however, the early signs are promising.

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